Skin care routine for acne-prone skin

Hello guys 

I'm going to touch upon a subject that affects a vast amount of population in this world ACNE ! 
I, like most people have dealt with this issue since my teenage years and continue to occasionally deal with it now that I am 21. 

I have tried most dermatologists recommended treatments such as the classic birth control pill, Roaccutane, over the counter products, home remedies, etc. 
They seemed to have worked in their own ways however they have not been able to erase the problem. 
Now with trial and error over the year I have reached a point, where I can say have been the most satisfied with skin, so I am going to step by step tell you what I have done to achieve this and what might be the core issues that may be causing acne and how to deal with them.

Number Uno: Hormones 

 I know right what a revolutionary answer, well hormones are one of the main causes in teenage acne but also adult acne. It can be due to puberty, periods but also pregnancy. In these cases birth control pills are highly effective (even though they make you put on weight) to balance out your hormones and calm most inflammation in your pimples. For this method I would highly advice you seeing a professional and ask them to prescribe you the correct pill as over the counter products may not be suitable for the result you might want to achieve. 

Number Dos: Diet 

This I believe is one of the factor that is still affecting me up to this date. If you do not eat nutritious and healthy food you will see it in your body but also in your skin. (and yes I am talking to all you chocolate and crisps lovers) The impact that eating green smoothies every day and drinking minimum 2L of water a day can have on your skin, no fancy cream or pill can do that. From personal experience I know how hard it is to eat clean all the time but at least jumping on that bandwagon can somewhat improve your overall health. I personally have been eating clean (on and off of course) and have been seeing great results from the texture of my skin to the natural glow it brings to your face.

Here's a recipe for new starters on the smoothie train: 
1 handful of spinach 
1 handful of kale 
1 banana 
1 apple 
1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 tsp of honey for some added sweetness 
1 handful of frozen blueberries or ice cubes

Et voila one of the best tasting and easy smoothies !

Number Tres: Hygiene

In this section I am talking about basic hygiene, of course it is not the basic you should wash your face before sleeping kind of hygiene but more along the side of how you maintain the hygiene around you. 
So for example changing your pillow case every 2 nights can help massively control bacteria that spreads on your face and spraying some diluted tea tree oil with rose water on your pillow case adds a little extra protection.
Cleaning your phone screen every now and then is also very important. Most importantly changing your face towel every week and strictly keeping it for your personal use but maybe even opting it out for paper towels is much more hygienic.
Most importantly if your wear makeup please wash your brushes 2 times a week, you will see a dramatic result. 

Please also make sure to wash your hands before washing your face ! 

Number Cuatro: Skincare 

Honestly after trying all kinds of stupid, long and expensive skin care routines and products, I can guarantee you a simple skincare is the most effective skincare.
 Switching it up every 3 months or so is also very important and more effective as your skin tends to get used to these products hence they are not effective anymore.
Also try to have make-up free days at least and I am saying at least 1 day of the week to let your skin breathe and recover itself.
 Moisturising straight after your shower is also key to good skin, you might think your skin feels fine however heat does more damage to skin than cold does, so first thing out of the shower moisturise.