Film recommendations

Recently I have been watching a lot of films. Hence why I came up with the idea that I should write a post with different types of movie recommendations. The list varies from all different kinds of categories, and it is not something related only to my personal preferences but something that might suit to all tastes. This movie recommendation list is not really based on IMDb's ratings but mainly on the quality of the movie and the storyline according to my standards, feel completely free to disagree with me but also do mention your favourites in the comment section. The list is in no particular order. 

This trilogy of 'Before Sunrise', 'Before Sunset' and 'Before Midnight' is my favourite, the depth of the characters are something you easily feel connected to, and their perception on life gives you this sentiment of relatability. Each movie follows each other but my favourites are the first two 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' this is because the characters are still in the midst of developing their relationships and getting to know each other in depth which gives off this sentiment of curiosity to the audience. The last part 'Before Midnight' is still as interesting however it works more as a closure for the first two parts which gives off this element of bittersweetness yet satisfaction at the end. I would definitely recommend these movies to anybody, it is not your typical love story, it is rawer and more relatable, yet admirable. 

If you haven't seen 'Spirited Away', what have you been doing with your life? 
This movie is one of my favourite animation movies, it is a fantasy movie placed in this near dystopian world which depicts certain characters with certain personalities. This movie depicts the struggle of this little girl trapped in this fantasy world from which she has to free herself and her parents by working for a witch. This movie makes you feel all kinds of emotion, it makes you laugh at some point and sad at some, however, it always leaves you with this memorable feeling and you unconsciously tend to think about it. 

I have watched many Korean movies however if I could recommend one I would definitely say 'Miracle in Cell no. 7' is the one. If you want to cry till your eyes fall out watch this movie. I have never cried so much in a movie than I did with this one, but I don't regret it. This movie depicts the beautiful love between a mentally disabled father and his daughter, who wrongfully gets accused of rape and gets imprisoned. It shows the struggle of an only parent and his daughter living in a poor state. This movie leaves you completely wrecked so I wouldn't recommend it for people who can't control their emotions. But for other people please do give this a watch you won't regret it.

I am not going to lie the book 'One day' by David Nicholls is better, however, the movie is not too far off, it portrays the beautiful friendship turned into love of these two people going through various struggle to accept it and live with it. This is another movie which will probably make you cry however the ending can be taken in a positive way but also leave you bittersweet.

'Jeux d'enfants' is a French movie which I particularly like, mainly because Marion Cotillard stars in it, but also for the unique storyline. It literally translates to children's games and this is exactly what the film is based on. It is about 2 people daring each other for different tasks but these dares can take a serious turn and lead them to ruin their own lives without realising it. Definitely give it a watch and share your thoughts.

Khaled Hosseini is one of my favourite writers, he writes beautifully about Afghanistan and describes the country with so much detail but doesn't face away from the reality of the war and the state of the country. The book and movie 'Kite Runner' is incredible, it illustrates the meaning of friendship but also the hardship of friendship through jealousy and trust. This movie follows the life of two young men, Amir and Hassan. Amir being the servant and friend of Hassan. This movie highlights the wealth gap during and after the time of war in Afghanistan before the Taliban took over. This movie shows the struggle of Afghans and how they managed to escape or get killed during these difficult times. I would highly recommend this film to people to understand the atrocities that went behind during the period Taliban took over.

'Pan's Labyrinth' has a beautiful storyline and equally amazing cinematography and animation. This is the kind of movie which takes you back straight into your childhood with a twist of horror and fantasy. The overall story is beautiful as it shows the struggle of a little girl trying to prove her royalty through various tasks. It portrays the courage and willpower of this little girl and her beautiful and generous heart. 

'Grave of the fireflies' is another one of my favourite animation movies. This movie is a massive tear jerker but also leaves you a little broken hearted. It follows the life of two children after World War II and their struggle to survive. I won't say anything more because you absolutely need to watch this movie and let it do all the talking. 

Overall all these movies are some of my favourites if you like this series I might make more parts and update it with new movies.